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Common Questions

Why I can't see the badges?
  1. Make sure badge Visibility Enabled From WPBM Settings.
  2. You have assigned badge through product editor category have at least one product which you have assigned the badge.
  3. If you are using any condition on badge make sure the product fulfills all condition which you looking to see badges.
  4. Your theme developed & used WooCommerce hooks properly.

Make sure to check these point properly & if you still have the problem feel free to contact us.

WPBM not working with my current theme

If you have this problem chances are that theme isn’t using WooCommerce hook properly but sometime it may occur between plugin & theme confliction. But this is a special case & we will only support you if it’s don’t need any customization task.

Why is my product archive page is broken?

This is because, in your theme instead of using the WooCommerce hook to customize the product archive page, theme dev directly edited the WooCommerce archive file. You can extend the archive page template by copying the `woobadge-archive-product.php` file from plugin/templates/ to `yourtheme/templates` folder.

I want a refund because this plugin doesn't full-fill my requirements

Please read WPBM plugin features carefully before you buy it. We will only allow refund when our plugin couldn’t full fill something which it promises.
Note: If the plugin doesn’t work because your third-party theme or plugin refund will be not allowed but special cases will be considered.

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