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Understanding Locker Meta Box & UI

Once you installed the plugin the best thing to do at first, get familiar with ViraCorn locker UI & Meta Box.

Default Locker UI

Locker Meta Box’s

Go to edit any locker supported post type and you can see the locker meta boxes.

Lock This Page/Post: Disable or Define whether to lock the whole page/post or lock partial content using locker shortcode.

Locker Image: Add locker banner image to show above of the locker title.

Locker Title: By default post/page title will be used as the locker title. Use this field to change the default locker title.

Locker Description: Add short description below the locker title inside the locker.

Required Referrals: Define how many referrals required before a user can unlock the content.

Color Scheme: Choose a color scheme for locker borders and button colors etc.

Custom Class Name: Add a custom class name to the locker wrapper to write custom CSS.


Easy peasy, you’re ready to start using the ViraCorn locker.

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