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Lock Partial Content

You can easily lock partial content of any post, page or product using ViraCorn Locker shortcode. The process of locking partial content is same for post, page or product.

In this article, I’m going to lock a post partial content. Go to edit the post you want to lock and choose Lock Partial Content from Enable Locker meta box.

Inside Locker Meta box use whatever value you want. The explanation for Locker Meta box value is given here: Understanding Locker Meta Box & UI

Now select the portion of your content from the TinyMCE editor and click the Lock Icon from TinyMCE editor toolbar to wrap the content using ViraCorn locker shortcode.

`[viracorn_locker]your-content here[/viracorn_locker]`

Once your content portion is wrapped by this shortcode [viracorn_locker][/viracorn_locker] click Update and you have successfully locked your post partial content.

For this example, I’ve locked 5 steps from the blog post (6-10). You can check the demo here: 10 Rules To Build A Wildly Successful Business

A screenshot of a partially locked post:

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