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Lock Full Page/Post

So you’ve successfully installed ViraCorn and familiar with the UI and Meta Box? Let’s start using the locker by locking a full page.

Go to Pages → All Pages and click on a page title that you want to lock.

Now you will be redirected to the page edit view and there you should see 2 new meta boxes created by ViraCorn.

Lock Full Page:Post

First of all, you’ve to choose Lock Full Page/Post in Enable Locker meta box.

Then inside Locker Meta box use whatever value you want. The explanation for Locker Meta box value is given here: Understanding Locker Meta Box & UI

Now click Update and visit the locked page. Awesome! you have successfully locked a full page on your WordPress site. Now your visitors will need to refer the defined amount of unique visitors in order to unlock the content.

For this example, I’ve added a short description in the Locker Description field and used for Required Referrals field. So ass soon as my visitor refers another one unique visitor he will have access to the content. You can check the demo here: 100 Bracelets Giveaway With Free Shipping

A screenshot of full-page locked content:

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